The Inaugural Speech

This is the first post.  And I am totally freaking out.

To all of you experienced bloggers out there, you know what this feels like, right?  You’ve just started up this blog that you swear to your audience will be absolutely awesome, but you really doubt your blogging skills.  You don’t think anyone will ever bother to read your messed-up rants and rip-off projects.  You tell all of your friends about it.  You tell your whole family about it.  You tweet about it.  You plaster it all over the internet.  You even tell all of the neighborhood cats about it.  You paste your posts on every linky party you can find. You are so scared that no one will ever view the blog you have worked so hard on.  You are desperate.

I actually have no idea whether you think that or not.  That just happens to be what I‘m thinking.

What do I plan on doing with this post?  How about I tell you something about me.  That always seems to work.

Something I always tell people is that I am the Dutiful Servant to seven beautiful hens.  And, like three-quarters of the chicken-owning population, I am going to blog about it.  I have seen some chicken blogs that are absolutely amazing and enthralling, and some that have made me want to cry.  Mine will be of the latter category.

More about me?  I am an 11-year-old *wink wink*.  I am the weirdest kid you will ever hope to meet.  In fact, you will probably end up hoping you never met me.  I am a self-proclaimed animal rights activist who also happens to love roast chicken and a good sausage.  This makes me feel guilty all the time.  I promise I’m trying to change!  More about my weirdness in the “About” page.

This will be a blog of my ramblings, rants, and results of attempting to be “creative.”  It will feature useless revelations, badly-taken chicken photos, and rip-offs of ideas from elsewhere that will make good bloggers weep.

So, who thinks that was the worst first post ever?

Random interjection:  I just got a phone call from a telemarketer, and he asked me my astrology sign.  I didn’t tell him, but that was the weirdest question ever.  He said he was in a business that remodeled bathrooms and kitchens.  Weird.

If you click away and never visit this blog again, I don’t really blame you.  I’d probably do that, if I were you.

So, time to wrap this up.  Have you ever received really random calls from really random telemarketers?  And how did the start-up of your blog go?  I would love any and all advice.




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