Halloween Chicken Costume


So, on my first post, I already mentioned that I have seven hens, right?

Yeah, I think I did.

Owning chickens has led me to becoming a chicken research addict.  I will pry every corner of every chicken website to find information that I think will be useful later on.  It often isn’t useful at all.  My most visited site is the ever-popular www.backyardchickens.com, which is a community where chicken owners give each other advice and discuss flock news.

So, back on topic.  My second post is about my totally awesome chicken costume.  Halloween is this Friday, and I got busy on Wednesday figuring out what to be for Halloween.  By that night, I had decided to be a chicken.  My homework load wasn’t huge on Wednesday or Thursday, so by Friday night, I had myself an awesome chicken suit!

Well, it wasn’t that awesome.  I don’t have a sewing machine, so I did it by hand, and what do you expect an eleven year old with a needle to come up with?

Without further ado, here is how I made my little costume!  This isn’t really a tutorial.  (sorry for the crappy pictures and instructions)


-plain white long-sleeve t-shirt

-white, dark yellow, and red felt


-three white feather boas


-white shorts


-yellow long-sleeve t-shirt (I didn’t have yellow leggings, but those would be much better)





Putting it Together

1.  I cut off the sleeves from the yellow t-shirt (which used to be part of my pj’s) and sewed them onto the shorts, gathering the fabric from the shorts as I went.  This way, the shorts would draw in around my knees, giving them the appearance of chicken thighs.  I used a backstitch.



2.  I cut out the white felt pieces for my hat and sewed them together using a blanket stitch so they resembled a dome.


3.  I cut out the pieces for my comb (red wobbly thing on chicken heads) out of red felt.  The stencils used were the bumpy-ish one the torpedo-shaped one.  I sewed the two bumpy pieces together with a blanket stitch, turned it inside out, and sewed the torpedo-shaped piece on with a blanket stitch.  I left a small opening, stuffed the comb, and closed it up with yet more blanket stitches.


4.  I cut out four triangles and sewed them together to make the beak.  I completely winged it, so no stencils or special pictures for this one.  I sewed the beak to the front of the hat, and sewed the comb along the middle.

Here is the finished hat!


5.  I cut one of the feather boas in half and sewed each half along the top of the sleeves of white t-shirt.  I sewed another boa about an inch under the collar all the way around, and cut off the excess.

The finished shirt!


I’m still considering adding more feathers, but that would be too much of a hassle and feather boas are pretty pricey, for a costume.

Speaking of price, here is the cost for all of this stuff:

$0.33 for all the felt

$6.99 for each feather boa

$6.89 for the shorts

$6.99 for the t-shirt

the yellow shirt was from a few years ago, so I don’t know how much it cost

So, about $29.18 for the whole thing!  (without tax)  And the good part is, I can take off the feathers from the shirt, and the stitches from the shorts, and they’ll still be perfectly good articles of clothing.  I think this is a pretty good price, considering the last costume I bought was around $40.  And I only wore it for one year.

Does anyone else have chicken costumes to share?  It would be awesome if you’d share them!

Have a safe and happy Halloween, and may your jack-o-lantern candy holder overflow with goodies!



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