Christmas Spirit – Egg Ornament Tutorial


Yes, I am finally doing a proper tutorial!  Who’s proud of me!  Most of the credit for this project has to go to MissPrissy from, who inspired me with this post.  There are some really nice ones on that thread!

As I have previously stated, I am participating in our school’s craft fair this year.  One of the main products I am selling is egg ornaments, like the one pictured above.  I have a lot more.  Here I go…

IMG_6540 IMG_6542IMG_6543 IMG_6546IMG_6547 IMG_6548IMG_6550 IMG_6551

What do you think?  Aren’t they cute?  I just love them!  They’re also quite elegant, if I do say so myself.  Some of them, at least.  I made them with rub-ons from the K&Company, which look like this:


I got them on for something like $6.99.  It’s part of my very early Christmas present.  They were a bit damaged from shipping, but still perfectly usable.

So, to start, you’ll need:

-rub on transfers (from online or your craft store)

-wide popsicle stick or something similar

-blown egg

-Mod Podge glue

-brush (foam or just a normal art brush)

-bead caps

-string, metallic cord, or something similar




1.  First, you will need a blown egg.  There are about a million and a half tutorials on how to do this.  Don’t take Martha Stewart’s advice an buy an egg blower.  If you must, buy a “nasal aspirator,” or as I like to call it, a snot-sucker.  They’re about six dollars cheaper.  And a word of advice: make the hole on the top larger than the whole on the bottom.  I keep forgetting to do this, and it’s really annoying for me.


2. Choose your rub ons and rub them gently into the egg surface with your popsicle stick.  Don’t worry about crinkles and wrinkles, because they will be there.  If you look closely, actually, if you look at all, you will see my little mistakes.  I was running a little short on supplies, so I know this design isn’t amazing.


3.  Using a thumbtack, carefully enlarge the hole at the top you made for blowing the egg.  Or, if you were smart and made the hole at the top bigger, you won’t need to do this at all.  Unfortunately, I did not join the smart club of people.

IMG_6586 IMG_6589

4.  Take a toothpick, preferably one with ridges at the top, and break it in half.

IMG_6590 IMG_6592

5.  Take your pretty string, cord, whatever and tie it to the toothpick.  If it has ridges, tie it to one of the ridges.  Just making a simple knot with both strands should work.  Be sure to pull it tight!

IMG_6593 IMG_6594

6.  Insert the whole toothpick into the hole at the top, pushing it and the knot of string all the way into the hole so it looks something like the second picture.

IMG_6585 IMG_6597

7.  Thread the bead cap through the loop of string and apply Mod Podge to the bottom with your brush.  If you don’t know, Mod Podge looks like this:


…and you can probably get it at your crafts store or online.


8.  Press the bead cap carefully onto the egg.  Make sure it covers the hole nicely, and make sure it actually sticks.  Apply another layer of Mod Podge over it.  Once the bead cap is on, there isn’t much to do except wait.  I have no idea how long this takes, because I was making my sheet music egg ornament while waiting for it to dry.  I’ll post that tutorial soon!


Optional step 9:  I added a little snowflake to the bottom of the egg because I had a big hole there to cover up.  Be smart and make the hole on top larger!  However, I think it adds a nice touch.

Optional step 10:  If you plan on passing these down as family heirlooms, you might want to coat the whole egg in a layer of Mod Podge.  However, I like the look of the uncovered eggshell, so I chose not to do that.


Sooo… that’s it!  You should have an elegant and unique ornament that people will think you spent hours fussing over even though you probably spent about 15 minutes on it.  Unless something went wrong, which totally doesn’t happen to me all the time…

Hang a bunch of them on your tree and you’ll have all of your guests oohing and aahing over them!  But tell them No Touchy.  They are eggshells, and they will break.  Store them in a cushion of tissue paper and they should last for years.  If you have small children, hang these on the top of your tree.

So, these take about an hour and a half and $10 dollars (counting the eggs, which you get to eat) for ten ornaments!  Which is great, since most crafts take much longer than that!

Have fun with your ornaments, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays!

P.S.  Argh!  I forgot again!  This post is linked to the Clever Chicks Blog Hop #115 at .

Now, Happy Holidays!


Plushie Gallery

So… I have been hinting (very obviously) at this post for about a week!  I didn’t show you earlier because, well, I was too lazy to take pictures.  Now that it’s Thanksgiving Break (we get the whole week off) and I have the whole week free for crafting (sort of), I will be very busy posting a ton of stuff I’m doing!

And ‘ere the gallery begins…  again, I plan on selling these at our school craft fair.

First off, all of the plushies I learned from tutorials on!  Aiko is a plushie genius!

Octopus Plushie
Octopus Plushie


Jellyfish Plushie (ignore my chewed-up nails)
Jellyfish Plushie (ignore my chewed-up nails)


Penguin Plushie
Penguin Plushie


Of course, all of hers looked a ton better, but I don’t think mine look too bad…

And the others are mostly random ones I made up myself.

Jingle Bell Ornament  (with jingle bell inside)
Jingle Bell Ornament (with jingle bell inside)


Tree Ornament
Tree Ornament


Stocking Ornament
Stocking Ornament


Santa Ornament (design by Tammy Hallam, another plushie genius!
Santa Ornament (design by Tammy Hallam, another plushie genius!

These were all very easy to make, except for the Santa Ornament, which took me forever do to my idiocy, and the fact that the thing is extremely tiny.  I will post a tutorial on the stocking, tree, or jingle bell if I get any requests.

Oh!  And I nearly forgot again.  I posted this link on the Clever Chicks Blog Hop #114 at  Speaking of which, she finally won that ridiculous lawsuit!

Happy Birthday to Me!


It’s my birthday!  Yay!  Happy Birthday to me!

No, it’s not actually my birthday.  I’m just celebrating my twelfth birthday since I have achieved more than 100 views on this little blog!  Thank you to everyone who has ever bothered to visit me, and thanks to everyone who is reading this!  I am seriously in danger of sprouting into some emotional ramble at the moment.  But that would not be good for my traffic, so I won’t do that.

The current time isn’t  closely before or after my twelfth birthday, but I really feel the need to celebrate 104 page views.  How long has this blog been up, even?  I’d say something like October 25th.  When I hit 1000 page views, I’ll celebrate my 13th birthday!  Believe me, that will take longer than a year, at the rate I’m going.

I’m supposed to be doing homework, which I’ve hardly started because of my piano lesson today, but meh.  I’ll do it later.  It shouldn’t take me much more than two hours.

I know I promised a post on plushies, but I haven’t time to get it right now.  Plus, I’m reading Jane Eyre at the moment, which is consuming all of my free time.  I will do my best to get the post over the weekend, and there’ll be plenty more over Thanksgiving break!

For now, feast your eyes upon…


one of my plushies!  Please tell me you can tell what it is.  Please…  because this is the type of stuff on my plushie post!  I may or may not have chosen the best picture… but hey, I’m attempting the whole blogging cliff-hanger thing.

Oh, and who thinks that the word twelfth happens to have the weirdest spelling ever?  It’s just so… twelfth-y!

Randomness aside, get preparing for your Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas!


Postscript:  I’d love some birthday likes!

An Apology Post

Yes, it’s one of those.  A “sorry about not posting for such a long time but I’m still not going to post anyway, I’m just going to put up a post that isn’t a post just to annoy you” type of post.  But I have a valid excuse!

I was on a field trip with my school to the one and only Yosemite National Park!  I live in Northern California, where it’s so sunny that all of the native plants have adapted tactics to absorb as little sun as possible!  Really, we are in a horrible drought.  As in, so horrible that the Merced River of Yosemite has dropped to a tiny trickle, with all of the rocks that are usually submerged, exposed.  But drought doesn’t interfere with cold, so Yosemite mornings and evenings still had plenty of that.  Being a California girl, I don’t take cold well.  As my friends and I were complaining of the cold while warming up by the bathroom heater, a woman asked us, “Where are you from?”  When we told her, she said, “Oh, then this weather really must be freezing to you.”  Aren’t we Californians spoiled!  I have a lot of Yosemite stories to share, but I doubt that you would care.

Oh, and a tip for down time with friends (for kids): play Fortunately, Unfortunately.  Basically, you start with a story prompt, then you go around with a circle.  The first person continues the story with Fortunately, the second continues with Unfortunately, the third with Fortunately, and so on.  Here is an example:

Prompt: Once upon a time, a dog fell off a tower.

1st person: Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt too badly.

2nd person:  Unfortunately, she fell into a crocodile pond.

3rd person:  Fortunately, the crocodiles didn’t like dog meat.

1st person again:  Unfortunately, the dog didn’t know how to swim.

And so on…

It’s lots of fun if you make it a love story between one of your friends and someone they desire.  Which we totally didn’t do…

I was going to show you some pictures of my plushies, but meh.  I’m too lazy to take pictures right now.  I might post them this weekend.

Any Yosemite experiences to share with me?  And if anyone has seen a bear before, (other than a real live dead one) please share with us!


P.S.  I have 99 views at the moment!  I’m so proud of myself!  As soon as it hits 100 views, I’ll celebrate my 12th birthday!  Since, you know, I’m 11 at the moment.  (insert cheesy winks here)

Christmas Spirit – Snowball Surprise Soap Rip-off


Most bloggers would wait until at least the middle of November to start with all the Christmas stuff, but I do not pertain that certain desirable quality called common sense.  I am one of those huge Christmas fanatics who rambles about the Christmas Spirit all year and sees no reason why “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” should not be played at a Fourth of July party.  However, every crafter knows that Christmas started long ago!

Today, I have a cheapie’s version of the ever-popular “snowball surprise soap.”  I’m making these for our school’s December craft fair.  You can find the original tutorial almost anywhere, but I found mine on a Family Fun magazine at the dentist’s.  In most instances, people grate Ivory soap with a cheese grater, but since I had neither, here is my version.  It is incredibly easy, and safe enough that your four-year-old could probably complete most of the project.

IMG_6275I attempted this a year ago, but I did it with a friend’s apple saucer.  Since apple sauce is much finer than grated cheese, it took me forever to get half a bar of soap grated, and it didn’t hold together very well.  It’s that pitiful fail  in plastic wrap with the “surprise” painfully obvious.

IMG_6277The main ingredient is Lever 2000 white soap.  It was the cheapest they had at Costco the day that I bought it.  Ivory soap, which most people use for this project, is much more expensive.  You get about a quarter of the amount for the same price.

IMG_6272 “Is that a plastic cup?” you say.  Yes, indeed it is.  Since I do not have a cheese grater, I poked holes into a disposable plastic cup with a kitchen knife in an act of desperation.  (Sorry, mom, about the kitchen knife.  I promise I’ll wash it afterwards.)

IMG_6279I vigorously grated the soap against the plastic cup, and I got through the bar in about ten or fifteen minutes.  The plastic cup does a lot of creaking and squeaking, but it works, and is probably safer for young children than a cheese grater.  Tip: do this in a container that will hold water.

IMG_6278 I added a small quantity of warm water (actually, I added too much) to my soap.  Using my hands, I molded the flakes into a ball shape around one of the cute Christmas buttons you see on the left, making sure to cover the button.   This part is a little bit messy!

 IMG_6283One bar of soap made about five snowballs.  It depends on how big you want them.  Because the snowballs were so mushy and messy, I felt the need to roll them around in my extra soap fluff, but they turned out looking like coconut treats.

I pressed the shreds into the rest of the with my hands, and they became the beautiful snowballs you see below, which look much nicer in person!


And, since my hands were so coated with soap, I took the chance to give our bathroom sink a good scrubbing.  Now I have five cute snowballs and a very clean sink!  The whole project was made with materials I already had, so the cost was…

drumroll please…

$0!  Amazing for something both fun and functional!

Good luck with your Christmas crafts, and Happy Holidays!

*Update:  I’m not sure what exactly happened, or if I’m hallucinating, but I just saw this post on the #111 Clever Chicks Blog Hop at!  Please visit Kathy and her amazing blog (which happens to be my go-to website on all matters chicken) and say thank you for me!