Christmas Spirit – Snowball Surprise Soap Rip-off


Most bloggers would wait until at least the middle of November to start with all the Christmas stuff, but I do not pertain that certain desirable quality called common sense.  I am one of those huge Christmas fanatics who rambles about the Christmas Spirit all year and sees no reason why “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” should not be played at a Fourth of July party.  However, every crafter knows that Christmas started long ago!

Today, I have a cheapie’s version of the ever-popular “snowball surprise soap.”  I’m making these for our school’s December craft fair.  You can find the original tutorial almost anywhere, but I found mine on a Family Fun magazine at the dentist’s.  In most instances, people grate Ivory soap with a cheese grater, but since I had neither, here is my version.  It is incredibly easy, and safe enough that your four-year-old could probably complete most of the project.

IMG_6275I attempted this a year ago, but I did it with a friend’s apple saucer.  Since apple sauce is much finer than grated cheese, it took me forever to get half a bar of soap grated, and it didn’t hold together very well.  It’s that pitiful fail  in plastic wrap with the “surprise” painfully obvious.

IMG_6277The main ingredient is Lever 2000 white soap.  It was the cheapest they had at Costco the day that I bought it.  Ivory soap, which most people use for this project, is much more expensive.  You get about a quarter of the amount for the same price.

IMG_6272 “Is that a plastic cup?” you say.  Yes, indeed it is.  Since I do not have a cheese grater, I poked holes into a disposable plastic cup with a kitchen knife in an act of desperation.  (Sorry, mom, about the kitchen knife.  I promise I’ll wash it afterwards.)

IMG_6279I vigorously grated the soap against the plastic cup, and I got through the bar in about ten or fifteen minutes.  The plastic cup does a lot of creaking and squeaking, but it works, and is probably safer for young children than a cheese grater.  Tip: do this in a container that will hold water.

IMG_6278 I added a small quantity of warm water (actually, I added too much) to my soap.  Using my hands, I molded the flakes into a ball shape around one of the cute Christmas buttons you see on the left, making sure to cover the button.   This part is a little bit messy!

 IMG_6283One bar of soap made about five snowballs.  It depends on how big you want them.  Because the snowballs were so mushy and messy, I felt the need to roll them around in my extra soap fluff, but they turned out looking like coconut treats.

I pressed the shreds into the rest of the with my hands, and they became the beautiful snowballs you see below, which look much nicer in person!


And, since my hands were so coated with soap, I took the chance to give our bathroom sink a good scrubbing.  Now I have five cute snowballs and a very clean sink!  The whole project was made with materials I already had, so the cost was…

drumroll please…

$0!  Amazing for something both fun and functional!

Good luck with your Christmas crafts, and Happy Holidays!

*Update:  I’m not sure what exactly happened, or if I’m hallucinating, but I just saw this post on the #111 Clever Chicks Blog Hop at!  Please visit Kathy and her amazing blog (which happens to be my go-to website on all matters chicken) and say thank you for me!


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