An Apology Post

Yes, it’s one of those.  A “sorry about not posting for such a long time but I’m still not going to post anyway, I’m just going to put up a post that isn’t a post just to annoy you” type of post.  But I have a valid excuse!

I was on a field trip with my school to the one and only Yosemite National Park!  I live in Northern California, where it’s so sunny that all of the native plants have adapted tactics to absorb as little sun as possible!  Really, we are in a horrible drought.  As in, so horrible that the Merced River of Yosemite has dropped to a tiny trickle, with all of the rocks that are usually submerged, exposed.  But drought doesn’t interfere with cold, so Yosemite mornings and evenings still had plenty of that.  Being a California girl, I don’t take cold well.  As my friends and I were complaining of the cold while warming up by the bathroom heater, a woman asked us, “Where are you from?”  When we told her, she said, “Oh, then this weather really must be freezing to you.”  Aren’t we Californians spoiled!  I have a lot of Yosemite stories to share, but I doubt that you would care.

Oh, and a tip for down time with friends (for kids): play Fortunately, Unfortunately.  Basically, you start with a story prompt, then you go around with a circle.  The first person continues the story with Fortunately, the second continues with Unfortunately, the third with Fortunately, and so on.  Here is an example:

Prompt: Once upon a time, a dog fell off a tower.

1st person: Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt too badly.

2nd person:  Unfortunately, she fell into a crocodile pond.

3rd person:  Fortunately, the crocodiles didn’t like dog meat.

1st person again:  Unfortunately, the dog didn’t know how to swim.

And so on…

It’s lots of fun if you make it a love story between one of your friends and someone they desire.  Which we totally didn’t do…

I was going to show you some pictures of my plushies, but meh.  I’m too lazy to take pictures right now.  I might post them this weekend.

Any Yosemite experiences to share with me?  And if anyone has seen a bear before, (other than a real live dead one) please share with us!


P.S.  I have 99 views at the moment!  I’m so proud of myself!  As soon as it hits 100 views, I’ll celebrate my 12th birthday!  Since, you know, I’m 11 at the moment.  (insert cheesy winks here)


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