Birthday Gift: Pom-Pom Bookmarks


I have another tutorial for you today!  These are part of the birthday gift I gave to one of my friends for her birthday, which was at the end of November.  I decided on this while desperately searching on the internet and coming across this post from The Cottage Market, which led me to this post from Design Mom.  Please check out the originals so I don’t feel guilty for stealing!

I thought this would be perfect, since my friend is a huge bookworm.  Actually, a lot of my friends are, including me, but this particular friend read psychology volumes when she was five and suspected her doctor of using psychological tricks on her.

Now, the pom-pom making method from Design Mom seemed a little messy and too easy to completely fail for a person like me to make, so I decided to use the method that my mom taught me when I was about seven.  Here’s my version!

You’ll need…

-cardboard, at least twice the size of the circumference you want your pom to be

-scissors that can cut through cardboard and yarn

-a math compass (we’re not sailing here)

-and most importantly, yarn


IMG_6633 IMG_6634

1.  Take out your cardboard and your compass.  Draw two concentric circles, with the larger one being the size you want your pom.  This works better if the smaller one isn’t any larger than 3/4″ in diameter, but it isn’t the end of the world if the circle is larger.  Just make sure it’s not any wider than the base of your thumb.  (I know, that’s confusing)



2.  Cut that one out so there’s a hole in the middle and it looks like a donut.  Then make another one so the first one has an identical twin.  Cardboard donut buddies!



3.  Put them together so they line up, like this.



4.  Take out a length of yarn.  It doesn’t really matter how long, it just needs to be able to fit through the center of the cardboard donuts when balled up.  I’d guess, um, three times your arm span to start.  (Is arm span a real term?)

I just pulled some out of my impossible-to-navigate yarn drawer.  I chose pink yarn with pretty standard texture.  It’s firm enough to hold shape, not too thin, and not too thick.


You do not want fluffy stuff like…


this.  I guess you could try, but no promises, okay?



5.  Take your yarn and arrange it in a small bundle that will fit through the hole of the cardboard donuts.  Leave a tail about a foot long.  Tie the end of the yarn to your donuts, making sure it is secured around both donuts.



6.  Start wrapping the the yarn around the donut, like pictured above.

Keep wrapping…


and wrapping…


and wrapping.

Don’t be too particular about how evenly spaced the yarn is.  Just make sure that the inside of the donut is covered pretty evenly.  As long as your yarn is wrapped at semi-decent intervals, you’ll be fine.


Once you get back to your starting point, just keep wrapping over your first layer!


When the yarn runs out, just tuck the end behind another strand of yarn,


pick up another length, and keep going.



7.  Once you have deemed your donut chubby enough, they should have at least two layers of yarn covering every little millimeter.  I actually don’t think this donut was chubby enough.



8.  Slide aside some of your yarn to create a gap in your donut, so the cardboard is exposed.



9.  Keeping a finger in the middle of the donut, start snipping the yarn, sliding your scissors in the space between the two pieces of cardboard.


It should begin to look like this.  Don’t shift your finger in the middle, or the yarn will become messed up.



10.  It should look like this when you’re done.


Cut a length of string,


and insert it between the two layers of cardboard.


Take your finger out of the middle, and pull the length of yarn tight.  Tie it once.


IMG_6665 IMG_6666

11.  Carefully remove the cardboard pieces, one at a time.  Don’t just cut them off, because you can use them again.  Tie the string around the yarn pieces a few more times, making sure to make it knotted tightly.



12.  Fluff the yarn up, and give it some light trimming.  It shouldn’t need too much work.  The pom pom I have here is very loose, and I probably should’ve made it tighter.



Optional steps:  I tied the rest of the string into knots at equal intervals, since I was making a bookmark.

IMG_6673 IMG_6672

I also added a little tag, just a normal label that you could get at Office Depot.



The finished product!  The bookmark is a bit big for this book.  If you haven’t read the Anne of Green Gables series before, march to the library and do so now!  They’re wonderful books.


I made three of these, pink, yellow, and dark blue-ish teal, in graduating sizes.


So there they are, made with simple tools that anyone has!  I know, my reading choices are odd.

With Christmas coming up, this would be a good gift for any voracious readers you know!  Or course, it would be a bit mean to only give them a fluff of yarn, so I’ll post the other gift I made my friend soon…

In the meantime, happy whatever you celebrate!


P.S.  As I do every Sunday, I linked this up to the Clever Chicks Blog Hop #116 at The Chicken Chick, and I also joined a new linky party at Crafts a la Mode!


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