Christmas Spirit – Sheet Music Egg Ornament


You may remember that I made egg ornaments before, in this post.  Here is another similar ornament, which might be easier to make if you don’t have rub-ons.

So, let’s get started!


-blown egg (you could also use a plastic Easter egg, but that’s no fun)

-sheet music (preferably with small notes, doesn’t have to be “vintage”)

-Mod Podge

-a brush (foam or just a cheap artist’s brush)

-some kind of pretty string

-a toothpick (preferably with ridges)



1.  Blow an egg.  If you don’t know how to do this, there are a million tutorials on the internet.  I use a thumbtack and a “nasal aspirator,” or as I like to call it, a snot-sucker.  I always have a basket of blown eggs ready to use.


I chose this one, because I didn’t like the large hole in the bottom, and the sheet music will cover it up later.



2.  Rip the sheet music into small pieces no bigger than your thumb.



3.  Apply a coat of Mod Podge to a piece of sheet music, and stick it on your egg in whatever position you like.  Random is good here.  I try to choose “busy” pieces, with lots of interesting notes on them.



4.  Work your way across the whole surface of the egg…


And soon it should be all covered.  Leave a space at the top, about the size of one of your sheet music pieces.  Make sure the hole at the top is exposed.



5.  Insert a section of string into the hole at the top.  For more on this technique, visit my other egg ornament post.


6.  Poke a hole through a piece of sheet music large enough to cover the remaining section of exposed egg.  Thread the string through the hole, apply Mod Podge to the piece of sheet music, and secure it in place on the egg.  I forgot to take pictures, sorry.



And… done!  None of these materials should be too hard to acquire, so this project is definitely under $10.  It’s very simple and easy to make.  This ornament is sturdier than the other egg ornaments I posted, because of the layers of paper.   I don’t usually apply another layer of Mod Podge on top, because it smears the notes, but if you like that affect, go ahead.  In fact, you could even try painting coffee over it if you really dig that “vintage” look.

These would make great gifts, and they would look amazing on your own tree, too.

Only 11 days until Christmas!  Whoo!

Happy whatever you celebrate, and get crafting!


Linky parties joined:  Clever Chicks Blog Hop #117 (as usual)


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