Christmas Spirit: Wreath Tutorial WITHOUT Wreath Form


When I come across a good Christmas wreath tutorial, I always get really excited.  Wreaths are just awesome, and there’s not denying it.  However… most of them require a wreath form.  And that’s seriously annoying for me.  I don’t want to have to rush to the crafts store and buy one of those things for up to 7 dollars if I want a nicer-looking one.  Plus, once I’m in the crafts store, I’m not coming out with less than half the store’s supplies in my bags.  (Please tell me you can relate.  Even if you can’t, say so anyway.)

Another thing is that those tutorials are hard!  They always look easy, but when I envision myself actually doing them, I realize, nuh-uh.  And they often require materials that I just don’t have.  I don’t, in fact, have a million yards of burlap just there (though I wish), nor do I have twelve robin figurines.

This is a little wreath which, although it isn’t very fancy or extremely eye-catching, is simple, easy, and perfectly do-able.  Plus, you shouldn’t have to buy anything for it, and even if you do, you should be able to keep it under $10.  A five-year-old could probably help, if you use superglue in place of thread.

And… the reason you don’t need a wreath form is because you will be making one!

You will need:


Christmas tree trimmings:  You can probably find these discarded at any place that sells live Christmas trees.  They should let you have them.   These are the ugly ends trailing at the bottom of the Christmas tree we bought, which I trimmed off using clippers.

Decorative string or yarn:  Anything that you think is compatible with your evergreens will work.  I used golden wired string.

Others:  Some wide, wired ribbon will look nice, and I used fake glittered berries and jingle bells.  Anything would work, really, like burlap ribbon, real berries, sprigs of lighter evergreens, or those robin figurines I was talking about earlier.

Part 1: Making the Wreath Form

Start with a bunch of evergreen scraps.


You want most of them to be thin branches, with a few thicker ones in there.  They all have to be able to bend and shape easily.  Gather them together in the shape of a circle, and tie at intervals with any old yarn or string you like.  Twist smaller branches around the sections that aren’t thick enough.


I will look very ugly at this point, but that’s perfectly fine.  Don’t worry about the random sections trailing off at this point.  Now, take out your string or yarn and tie it around any random point on the wreath.

IMG_6732I know, you can’t really see it at all.  Wrap the string or yarn around the whole thing, binding all of the branches together and reigning in the loose ends.  Knot off the string, and take out the random pieces of yarn you used to tie your branches together earlier.  It should look something like this:


This is your wreath form!  It looks pretty ragged, but it will do its job well.

Part 2:  Shaping Up and Decorating

The wreath form doesn’t look the best, so you’re going to need to add some more branches to it.  Stick the ends of your new branches into the form, and bind with more of the string you used before.


Now it’s more full, with a more symmetrical shape, yet a little more wild and less restrained.  You can now begin decorating however you wish!


I added foam berries by threading some string through them with a needle and thread, then tying the string to a branch in the wreath.  I used black, so it isn’t too noticeable.  I also tied on jingle bells in the same manner.  I used some wide ribbon I got at Costco (yes, Costco!) but it was an old scrap piece, so it didn’t have as much bounce as I would’ve liked.


I just used an unbent paper clip, secured to the branches on the top, for hanging the wreath.


Finished product!  While you might want to stick with something more sophisticated for your front door and your mantle, this one could at least go on a bedroom door… or a chicken coop, since they probably won’t mind.

The little thing you see on top of the wreath is the cover of a greeting card.

Well, Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate!  I may post some other gifts I have for friends and family… soon.



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