A Craft for Dummies: Decorative Pillow

I know, I know.  I have disappeared for an embarrassingly long amount of time.  And for all of the (two) people that have regularly checked this blog at any point in history, that probably pissed you off. But I’m back!  And I changed the title slightly.  Did you notice? Now, to the actual craft.


Cute, right?  It’s made out of and 8.5in x 8.5in template (21.6cm x 21.6cm), so it isn’t exactly big enough for a human head, especially with those obnoxious roses on there.  But it does make a nice accent to anywhere boring, so… let’s get started on making it!


-First, you will need felt.  This can come in any kind of shape or kind.  I just used generic polyester felt.  For my particular design, I used red and green felt.

-For the main part of the pillow, get some nice, soft fleece.  I used a fleece throw that I found at Ikea for $2.99.  It was a ton of material for cheap!  You can also just use for felt for this, but fleece is much softer and prettier to look at.

-Next, get a needle.  Felt is very easy to pierce, but needles also leave pretty prominent holes, so you can use a slightly duller (is that a word?) needle, but don’t use one of those yarn needles.

-As with any sewing project, you will also need thread.  Use thread that matches your fabric colors.  For example, it is probably a bad idea to use bright orange thread on white fleece, unless it matches your color scheme.

-Get some good quality cardstock.  This is for creating stencils.  To create the stencil, you will also need a pencil or some other writing utensil.

Now that you have all of your materials, you can get started!

Create your stencils first.  You can see a picture of mine here:


Isn’t the quality of that picture just dazzling?  I deserve a photographer of the year award!  The point is, the square, labeled “pillow shape,” is an 8.5in by 8.5in piece of cardstock (pretty much just cutting 2.5in off the bottom,) and I also have a leaf shape labeled “leaf” and a circle labeled “rose petal (x4).”

Now, start cutting out your pieces.


You will need two fleece pillow shapes, three sets of four red rose petal shapes, four circles a bit smaller than the rose petal (I just freehanded it), and two green leaf shapes.

To start, you will need to assemble the roses.


Take one set of rose petals and a small circle.  (My small circle was a bit too small, you might want to make yours larger.)  Fold one rose petal into quarters, like so:


Take your small circle, and sew the tip of the quarter-petal onto the center of the circle.

IMG_6994 IMG_6995

Do the same with the second, third, and fourth petals.

IMG_6999 IMG_7000 IMG_7001

Secure the thread at the back with a knot.


Proceed to make two more roses, and arrange them, along with the leaves, at the corner of one of the fleece pieces.


Secure at the back.


Now, you can begin the actual pillow part.  Line up the two fleece pieces, right sides facing out, and blanket stitch your way all the way around.


Leave a small opening, stuff it with stuffing, close it up, and knot it.  I just use normal polyester fiberfill:

IMG_7018 IMG_7020

Don’t be skimpy on stuffing, or your pillow will end up looking like a deflated sack of rice.


Now you have a gorgeous (hopefully) pillow that has no useful function at all!  With this new pillow, you can…

Decorate this plastic chair!


Decorate this porch swing!


Decorate this outdoor bench!


Decorate this swivel chair!


And finally, give this random adorable Fuwa you happen to have from the 2008 Summer Olympics a place to snuggle!


What other completely unnecessary functions are you going to use for your pillow?

I introduced my homeroom class to this lovely craft, and was immediately astonished at how such seemingly smart people could be so bad at understanding the concept of tying a knot.  And, they turned my beautiful pile of felt from this loveliness:


To this unworkable monstrosity!


Now, please excuse me while I go cry in a corner!  But that being said, there were some pretty creative people in my class, and I couldn’t help feel a surge of pride when one certain inept person managed to tie a knot all by himself.


Above are some of the stencils I made for our little class project.  I’m sorry that the writing isn’t really clear, but the teardrop shape next to the bird is the bird’s wing, and the pointed oval right below the weird horned thing (which is an owl, by the way) is the owl’s wing.

So, shall you set forth and create your own useless pillow?  Ooh, and if you have any thimble substitutions, please let me know!


P.S.- I am going to actually start posting again now that crafting season has started so stay tuned!  I already have some pretty cute stuff planned!  (Whoa, Coco planning?  Who would’ve thought that she actually had some direction in life?)