Panda Plushie

See?  I told you I would be posting.


Today, I present to you this adorable little panda!  I made it for a friend’s birthday.  It actually took quite a bit of time because of all the pieces, but it was totally worth it!  What makes me really proud is that this was entirely my own design, so I wasn’t stealing from anyone for once!

So, shall we get started?






Start off by making your stencils.  To make mine, I just drew out a basic panda shape and labeled the pieces.


Hopefully you can read that!  After I cut them out, they looked like this:


You’ll notice there are folds down the middle of some of them because I was trying to get them symmetrical.  Using your stencils, cut out the indicated amount of each shape.


You should be able to figure out which color is which.  Ignore the pink nose, I was delusional for a moment and convinced myself that pandas have pink noses.

Now that you have all of your pieces ready, start assembling them.  Start with the head.


Get the eyes and nose on one side.  Attach your ears in the same position on both head pieces.


Make sure they are in the same position!  This way, they line up later.

Also start assembling the body pieces together.


They should line up and look exactly the same.

You can now begin sewing them together.  Start by sewing a backstitch around the two body parts, leaving the part where the head is attached, open.


Stuff the thing.  Make sure you get stuffing into the arms and legs, or your panda will look weird and deflated.

Also go around the head, leaving the area between the ears open for stuffing.  When you get to attaching the body, you can either use the technique in this video so that stuffing can be inserted from the top of the head and all the way through to the feet, or you can sew them together so that the head is closed off from the body.


After stuffing, close up the hole and your panda is complete!


This plushie also makes an appearance on my post “How I Gift,” so be sure to check that out!


Until then, have a nice summer!