How I Gift

Well, this is embarrassing.

I promised this post in August, yet here we are, more than two months later, scrapping this up because I’m procrastinating and not studying like I should be.

Presenting… How I Gift.

Being a person who is very particular about the dumbest things, the way I present gifts is a huge thing to me.  I decided to catalog my process for a friend of mine, whose birthday was at the end of the summer.

One thing I do for the majority of my friends is to bake brownies, because it’s the only thing I don’t fail at baking.  When I bake something, I always start out by laying paper towels over a whole section of my countertop, so that I have a clean place to put my measuring cups and things when I’m not using them:IMG_7878

(I know, bad picture, cut me a break here.)  After that, I like to get as many of my ingredients out as possible, because then I get to put them in one after another like the pros in baking tutorials:


I’m not kidding.  That is actually the reason why I lay all of my ingredients out.  (Bakers, don’t kill me for using chocolate chips!  They’re easier than cocoa powder!)  After baking, I lay them out on my table to cool, which I know I couldn’t do, but I don’t have a wire rack.


In this time, I made a panda plushie!  tutorial here


After the brownies (or one huge brownie, however you interpret it) were done cooling, I put them on a cutting board and cut them into sixteen pieces.

IMG_7912 IMG_7914

A nice, large knife is nice, so that you get a clean cut without without all of the annoying crumbs that serrated knives bring.  At this point, I stacked them into a wrap-able configuration.


I had to play around with this a bit, but eventually I settled on a 4x2x2 rectangle, so that I could wrap it with the tinfoil I baked it in:


Now, at this point, I got out the supplies I would need to wrap it:


I don’t quite remember how many layers I folded the tissue paper into, but I think it was fourths.

IMG_7920 IMG_7921 IMG_7922

That way, it wrapped around the brownies perfectly.

After, I tied the whole bundle up with ribbon.  Christmas ribbon, but it was the least Christmas-y thick ribbon I had.

IMG_7924 IMG_7925

After that was done, I packed both gift items into a long wine bag (Christmas again), which happened to be just the right size.

IMG_7938 IMG_7939 IMG_7940

And there you go!  How I gift.  This was a more informal party, so I didn’t pull out the full array of random gift-wrapping stuff, but another one of my friend’s birthdays is coming up, sooo….

I’ll be putting up another post tonight, so see you then!



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