I went trick-or-treating this year again, despite pretty much everyone in the world telling me I’m too old for it.

Which doesn’t make sense, by the way.  Why should someone’s age determine his or her eligibility for free candy?

I lost my chicken hat somewhere in my room, so I had to make one last-minute, which was super-stressful.  I don’t recommend leaving Halloween costume-finding until the last minute.  Literally.  I had two minutes to get to a party, and that was when I decided to start looking for my hat.

Anyway, moving on…

I found that whenever I knocked on a door, I could feel the person inside severely judging me for being “too old.”  I guess my friends and I just aren’t cute enough to be demanding candy from our neighbors that we only see on Halloween without giving anything back in return.  My sister went trick-or-treating with her friends in her Strawberry Shortcake Costume without my mom, so I didn’t end up taking her.

I’m thinking that maybe my friends are right.  Some things we just grow out of.  At least I can still live it vicariously through my sister, but I’ll just have to smile and nod on the sidewalk while she knocks on the doors, with all the boring parents.

I’ll be back soon with a birthday present I made for my friend!  Until then, tell me: at what age did you stop trick-or-treating?  Or did you never stop?



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