Okay, so I decided I didn’t like the old about page.  Here’s the new and improved version!  (“New and improved” is an oxymoron.  Have you ever noticed?)

My nickname is Coco, and I am twelve.  Actually, I’m not twelve.  Yeah, that’s all of the personal information I can give you without the whole world jumping on me about cyber safety issues.

My passions include: pretending I can craft, writing, eating, and doing chicken research.  I consider myself a chicken research addict.  I own seven hens, who have no particular attraction to anything but my food.  Please read: http://www.upc-online.org/battery_hens/ .  I also enjoy pretending I can play badminton and tennis.  Gardening is nice.  I recently started baking, and I can hand sew better than most people my age.  I have no idea how to work a sewing machine.

I would consider myself weird in all the wrong ways.  I’m not unique, I guess, just weird.  It’s really a lot of fun, and you should try it sometime.

Due to my weirdness, I will not post the things most teenage blogger girls post.  No iPhone cases, since I don’t own an iPhone, no music suggestions, since my favorite musician is Tchaikovsky, and no revelations on life, because I don’t really have any.  Also no fashion tips, because if all of Earth had to live according to my taste, we would have the technology to move to Mars by now.

You will see many of my attempts at being creative that will make a good blogger cry, and photography only worthy of a one-year-old child.  This will feature horrifying rip-offs and ramblings that will bore you half to death.

So, on that happy note, who’s excited?

Have fun exploring!


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