Upcycled Backpack from Old Jeans


Remember when I made my little sister an adorable backpack in this post?  I may or may not have been extremely jealous afterwards.  I may or may not have tried to see if I could try and wear her backpack too.  And that may or may not have completely failed.

And then, one day, it struck me.  I would make a backpack out of a pair old jeans!  Not mine, because I don’t have any old jeans.  And I searched on the internet and out popped many very sophisticated backpacks… that would all take forever.  And I did not want to spend forever on this.

Until I discovered…

this video.  (The second part is here.)  The perfect little bag!

But… I didn’t want a purse.  (Or hold-all, as she called it, because it really does hold all.)  I needed a backpack!  So, pulling out my knowledge of making drawstring bags, I got to work.  Forgetting taking pictures along the way.  Sorry!

First, I did all of the cutting shown in the first video.  Most of the same sewing, too, until I got to sewing up the corners of the bag.


At this point, I cut three strips of denim from the remainder of the pant leg to create a braid that would become the straps.  Both ends were sewn up.


To attach the strap to the end of the bag, I pulled one strap inside the bag (which was inside-out at this point) so that one end was at the corner of the bag.  I then sewed that corner up.


This is what it looks like from the outside.


Two slits were cut in the waistband so that I could thread elastic into it.


I finished it off with a simple knot, which I cannot untie no matter what.  Hopefully that won’t become a problem later.


The top end of the strap was sewn in with a few stitches on the inside of the waistband.  It will probably fall out at some point, but until then, it’ll do.


The pockets had to be repaired a bit, because they were developing holes.  Not the most beautiful pocket anymore, but no one will see it anyway.


I threaded an old scarf through the belt loops to make it look nicer (and less like someone’s butt), also to tie up the top more securely.

Now I present you with the backpack from all angles!

The front!  (So what if it's suspended from a window cord?  No judging!)
The front! (So what if it’s suspended from a window cord? No judging!)
The back!  (Same window cord.)
The back! (Same window cord.)
The top!
The top!
The front pocket!
The front pocket! (One of them, at least)
The back pocket! (one of them)
The back pocket! (one of them)
The front laid out...
The front laid out…
And the back laid out.
And the back laid out.
The front inside-out...
The front inside-out…
And the back inside-out.
And the back inside-out.

Opinions?  Aren’t you just rushing home and digging out your old jeans to make this?  (Or, if you don’t have old jeans, “borrowing” your sister’s.)  No fancy materials needed, and it takes only a few stitches!  It only took me one day, and this is me we’re talking about!

And, just in case you forgot what it looks like, this is the fab backpack.


Backpack is fab ~ Fab is backpack

(fab is not my comfy hoodie)

Have a very very nice Sunday, and don’t forget about Martin Luther King while you’re off on vacation!

Speaking of which, where are you all going on vacation?

Is it fun?

Can you invite me?

Actually, now I’m just getting creepy.

Signing off,


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